About 5,000 companies, technical colleges, universities and institutions value the fact that they hold many qualified discussions every year with interested young people about training, studies and further training at the fairs by IfT Institute for Talent Development. A perfect fit. Well prepared. Binding.

400,000 young people and young adults are addressed personally in 2021 by the IfT, provided with multimedia information and attuned to the direct contacts.


500,000 potential apprentices and (dual) students are approached by IfT staff in topics of career choice and vocational training. Job-oriented information is directly conveyed and handed over to the young people in workshops lasting for one or more hours.

Building on this, the IfT organizes around 100 educational fairs every year. These focus on the well-prepared, binding dialogue between young people and representatives of companies, universities, (technical) colleges and institutions.

The forums are:

  • Trade fairs for training+study: vocatium 
  • Parents+student days: parentum
  • Education fair for adults: erfol.im.beruf
  • forum for volunteer engagement: ich&wir 

  • Chancen-guides (85 regional editions, with a total of 500,000 copies)
  • Flyers for parentum
  • Serious Game (job orientation app) vocatium2go
  • Letters for parents
  • Advertisement in daily and weekly newspapers
  • Social media (e.g. Facebook )
  • Our homepage www.erfolg-im-beruf.de
  • Learning and information forum vocatium online with search area for internships, training and study places with profiles of companies, technical colleges, universities, institutions, etc.

At vocatium fairs, students get into contact with professionals who already had training / did studies in the fields of expertise that are of interest for students. In lectures and individual interviews students get informed and might find their future profession. There are around 85 vocatium fairs annually. Until 2019, ten of our trade fairs in northern Germany were called nordjob. From 2020 onwards, all our trade fairs for Training+Study will bear the name vocatium. Here you can find the application.


Our movie about the vocatium fairs gives you an impressum on how they work.

Parents are important counselors when it comes to finding the proper profession for their children. At the more than 10 parentum events parents get support in finding a vocation for their children together with them. The duration of parentum events is 4 hours each, weekdays from 3 – 7 pm or Saturdays from 10 am – 2 pm. Here you can find the application.


The education fair pluspunkt.ausland brings young people together with foreign providers and former programme participants. It shows parents and children the many possibilities for journeys into the world. Young people with a CV abroad bring valuable experience and skills that help them to make personal and professional progress.

The following search mask will help you find companies, universities and institutions that offer internships, gap years, trainings and courses of studies. There are also some associations and initiatives that offer social internships.

The IfT Institut für Talenentwicklung supports schools with various media and offerings in the design of job-oriented teaching. The goal: young people who make their career choices in a well-founded way. Some examples:


Professionals from the vocational world accompany your children on the way of their their career choice and application to companies or universities.


Under the motto "me&us ‚– Commitment for the world of tomorrow", the IfT organizes workshops and forums for voluntary involvement of young people in the areas of social, cultural, sports, science and politics.


At TALENTUM conferences in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt (Main), current aspects of career orientation are put up for discussion.