Award for Schools:
Melissantum Award

Award for concepts for vocational and study orientation

In 1715 scholar Johann Gottfried Gregorii aka Melissantes suggested a vocational choice based on personal interests, talents and competences. Nowadays, educators are of the opinion that young adults should develop self-efficacy and find a self-concept. Every year, the IfT sponsors the Melissantum Award that is awarded to schools for concepts of vocational and study orientation for students.

Opportunities to win the award are given to all schools that implement an outstanding concept of career and study orientation. The theme of the Call for Tender 2018 focuses on Digital Concepts in Vocational and Study Orientation. Closing date is 31.07.2018.

DThe Melissantum winners of the year 2017
(Total prize money: 4,000 euros, sponsored by the IfT)

19 schools have applied for the Melissantum School Prize 2017. After reviewing and evaluating all applications received, the following schools convinced the jury:

  • Luisenburg-Gymnasium, Wunsiedel
  • Werner-von-Siemens-Gymnasium, Berlin
  • Evangelische IGS, Integrierte Gesamtschule, Wunstorf
  • Werner-von-Siemens, Mittelschule, Augsburg
  • Solling-Schule, Sekundarschule, Berlin 

Together with the Employers' Association Flensburg-Schleswig-Eckernförde e. V., the IfT Institute for Talent Development also announced a regional school award. In November 2017, they rewarded three schools from the Flensburg-Schleswig-Eckernförde region for their exemplary career orientation. The prize money totaled 2,500 euros. The winning schools:

  • Kurt-Tucholsky-Schule
  • Lornsenschule Schleswig
  • Siegfried-Lenz-Schule Handewitt


Once a year, all schools that realize an outstanding concept for vocational and study orientation have chances of winning the prize. The topic of the call for proposals 2018 is the focus on digital concepts in the vocational and study orientation of the students. Closing date is 31.07.2018.


Contact Person

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