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About the IfT Institut für Talententwicklung

The IfT Institut für Talententwicklung –
Partner in decision making on the way to higher education and/or vocational training

IfT Institut für Talententwicklung (= „institute for talent development“) offers high value discussion fora and contact exchange to young people on the cusp of their decision which way to take into academic and professional training. After 18 years of successful engagement all over Germany IfT is now on its way abroad starting with office in Vienna/Austria.


– is engaged in supporting enterprises, universities and public institutions in Germany and abroad;

– provides guidance and support to young peoples at their next steps into a professional future  – whether this means continuing in higher education or finding the right vocational training opportunities;

– functions as information hub for young peoples on their quest for vocational development and provides career guidance;

– gets young people and suitable training employers, institutions or universities into contact;

– supports secondary schools at their striving to prepare pupils for a successful future;

– promotes the competence of parents in career advice for their daughters and sons.

IfT is committed to excellence in supporting vocational orientation. It cooperates with prestigious partners like Ministries of Education, public institutions and educational administrations as well as municipal authorities both in Germany and abroad.

The activities of IfT focus especially in:

a) consulting of public and private organizations with regard to talent development and vocational orientation;

b) conception, development and organization of annually more than 80 educational guidance fairs  -  partially transnational to neighboring countries  -  under the name of „nordjob“, „vocatium“ and „Meister&Master“;

c) conception, development and organization of annually more than 20 vocational information events for parents under the name of „parentum“;

d) conception, development and organization of vocational education events for the development of individual talents (fora for the opportunities of the dual education system, TALENTUM-symposia and several thousand school presentations annually);

e) publications to talent development, vocational training and higher education and esp. a paper series to applications and taking up a profession (2018: circulation of 450,000 copies);

f) seminars and workshops for the development of social and communicative skills;

The nucleus of the company was established in 1991 in Flensburg. Under the name of „nordjob“ the first vocational orientation fairs were organized in 2001 in North German cities. The unique IfT-idea of compulsary individual appointments between pupils and exhibitors convinced our clients and proved to be the key of tremendous success. Within 12 years IfT expanded all over the nation and organized nordjob- and vocatium-fairs for virtually every German pupil.

Today IfT employs a staff of 220 employees. With actually 80 offices in all regions of Germany it is the only competitor with regional expertise throughout the nation. The first office in Austria (Wien) manifest the aspiration to international development.


In 2010, the high quality trade fair concept has been awarded in the "Germany – Land of Ideas" program, a federal initiative.


The Federal Minister of Education, Anja Karliczek, is patron of all IfT-events in Germany.


Important information:

Repeatedly a company called "Expo Guide" addresses our exhibitors with the request to conduct an update of the existing index of exhibitors. On the order form they state: "We administrate your to date free registration....." - In the small print of the order form it is also stated that an update is binding for 3 years and that a yearly fee of 1271,- EUR will be charged.

We hereby explicitly want to point out that the company "Expo Guide" and their way of doing business has absolutely nothing to do with us and the participation of our educational guidance fairs!

We therefore strongly advice you NOT to react to the offer of the company called "Expo Guide".