Content from this issue:

Nicola Hille
The first German women’s movement and the question of getting women into work — A historical throwback to working conditions of women during the 19th and early 20th century.

Astrid Franzke
Women, Education and Universities around 1900

Job orientation

Bert Wollersheim
Regional mobility - A subject of job orientation

Escaping and working — Opportunities and outlooks

J. Tomann, T. Fütterer & B. Brou?´r
Learning interculturally by building a tandem – A mixed-methods-study to develop intercultural competences by the project ¬ªkulturgrenzenlos e.V.¬´ 

Leoni Gorenflo
Aims and destinations of Syrian refugees concerning job-orientation and choice of studies in comparison to the difficulty of academic lack of specialists.

The work of the IfT

Roderich Stintzing
Your career - Thoughts concerning job orientation

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