Political and vocational education belong on the same page: Both want to create mature and responsible citizens. The IfT has the goal of drawing connections between schools, economy, society and politics and create projects to educate young adults to become engaged individuals. Eight people from different parts of society such as school, economy and politics are part of this plan.

Wolfgang Börnsen, MdB ret., CDU

Vice Chairwoman:
Susanne Kastner, Vice president of german Bundestag ret., SPD

Further participants:
Dr. Christel Happach-Kasan, MdB ret.
Dr. Paul Krüger, federal minister ret., CDU
Bettina Lugk, MdB, SPD
Reiner Morell, ambassador ret.
Dr. Ingrid Nestle, MdB, State Secretary a.D., Alliance 90 / The Greens
Eduard Oswald, federal minister ret., Vice president of german Bundestag ret., CSU