The IfT Institute for Talent Development deals with career orientation, talent development and regional development in a unique way.

The company is a service provider for schools and training companies, universities and colleges as well as institutions, chambers, associations and regions. Involved in the work are partners from many other, especially European countries.

The IfT has offices in Germany. The company employs more than 200 permanent employees at more than 75 locations. The IfT headquarters is located in Berlin.

In Germany, the Federal Education Minister is patron of large parts of the IfT activities. The special fair concept of the IfT was awarded in 2010 by the initiative "Germany - Land of Ideas". The IfT cooperates from place to place with various institutions (eg the Employment Agency, chambers and business associations as well as the Deutsche Gesellschaft e.V.).

In 1992 the company was founded. Since 2000, it has specialized in career orientation, talent development and personnel development. In the meantime, the IfT cooperates with around 5,000 general schools and 4,000 companies, universities, institutions and regions.

Its core competences are the approximately 80 fairs for training + studies vocatium, which are characterized by prepared and scheduled discussions. The youthful visitors are being prepared for the out-of-school learning venues through a total of over 15,000 workshops from the vocatium academy.

In addition, the IfT organizes 9 Job orientation days for parents+students. These four-hour fairs are usually attended by the parents with their children in the occupation age.

The IfT is also active internationally. Since the beginning, cross-border training fairs have been part of the portfolio, e.g. German-Danish, German-Polish or German-French. In addition: Young Chinese who are interested in a nursing education in Germany, are taught at clinics and geriatric care facilities.

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